A Victorian Christmas

The Victorian age was ushered in when England’s Victoria was crowned queen on June 28, 1838 and it spanned sixty-three years until her death in 1901. Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and they had nine children: four sons and five daughters. They lived a model family life, setting a fashion of respectability. Even today, the Victorian Era reminds people of good manners and a highly moral way of life.

During the 1840’s Queen Victoria and her German-born husband introduced the Christmas tree as the centerpiece of the royal family’s holiday celebration. The Christmas tree quickly went from being a fashionable fad to a required tradition. But perhaps the Victorians greatest contribution to Christmas was that they made it a family affair where for one glorious month adults and children spend extra time together baking, shopping, decorating… and dancing!

I collect antique photos and cards, and I would like to share this Christmas verse with you:
Christmas Greeting
All Joy at home for thee!
Old Christmas falls upon the world,
Like blessing from above,
It comes once more ‘mid Winter’s cold,
To Warm our souls with love.
To You, dear friends, I’d greeting send,
And this, would humbly pray;
A happy, joyful home be yours,
Upon this Christmas Day.

And that is my prayer for you – May your home be happy and joyful this Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas!

Debra Newby