Beginning Again

Reminiscing on past events while going through one’s previous blog posts is a pleasant way to spend an evening. I kept a regular blog for five years and marvel at the number of people who followed along. I am not sure any of you are still out there after this long hiatus, but for those who are, I thought you might enjoy an update.

We left off with the wedding of my eldest daughter and my venture into full time tutoring.  Both of those endeavors have produced great successes, but the best of all has been my transformation into someone I had never been before – a grandmother. 

My daughter carrying her son
like I used to carry her.

Wee Oliver is sixteen months old now. There is a joy in being a grandparent that is like none other – you get to have all of the fun and none of the responsibility! Watching a grandchild laugh and grow is delightful, but watching your own child parent her young toddler really stirs the heart.

My friend and fellow grandmother, Dede, said it best:

New Parents!
“When you become a parent, you get to relive your childhood. When you become a grandparent, by watching your own child parent, you get to relive being new parent all over again.”

Grandmothers get to play
at children's museums again!
My mind has been flooded with recollections of those past years of being a new parent – wonderful memories I have not visited in a long, long time. As a grandmother, I am enjoying the present delights of my grandson as well as the happy memories of his mother when she was his age, too.

Isn’t it interesting? In a way, each new generation allows the older generations to begin again.