Writer's Group

My two daughters have always had a fascination with mechanical typewriters and have purchased several at various garage sales over the years. For them, there is just something satisfying about putting down thoughts, dreams and stories to the clickety clack of typewriter keys. Of course, the mood for writing can be enhanced by a row of candles, a vase of sunflowers, a string of pearls and perhaps sealing wax to close up a letter to a special someone. But probably nothing is as inspiring as having a group of friends who want to read your stories – friends that love you and love writing stories themselves. They understand the desire to write, the hard work of the process and the sweet success of a well-received story. My girls and I have been in a “Writer’s Group” for over five years with lovely ladies who inspire, encourage and cheer each writer on. Just about every month we meet to share laughs, food (lots of that!) and the stories of our lives.