The Wedding

The daughter of our good friends got married last Friday. They had a country wedding with white daisies strewn along the grass aisle and paper butterflies decorating the seat backs. The bridesmaids wore sunny yellow dresses, and the couple was married with a glowing sun setting in the background. They were married on a Friday because on that particular day, the bride’s grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary as well. In honor of the legacy of love and commitment that this older couple was setting for these newlyweds, the two couples had a special dance together with the Bride’s father and band providing the music.

After a fabulous BBQ meal, I got to teach some of my favorite lines dances to the group. I knew many of the people at the reception, and it was quite a treat to be able to introduce them to some new dances. I shared a fun memory that both the bride and groom, long before they were a couple, attended one of the first Victorian Era dances that I ever taught and called.

As the wedding guests departed, they were given a jar of locally grown honey with a tag on it that said, Meant to “Bee”.