Surrogate Homeschool Mom

During the Easter break, I had the privilege and honor of being a homeschool tutor for some students whose parents were out of town for the week. Interestingly, I had never officially met this family before, but they knew that I tutored because they had been to several Civil War Balls.

The mother of these students did not want her children to miss out on their studies while their parents were traveling, so she asked me to come and teach them at their grandmother’s home. She said that she wanted me to work on math for part of the time, and the rest of the time, I could teach them anything I was passionate about. Oh, the choices! I am passionate about so many things! I finally settled on logic, Greek and Latin root words, note taking and starting a nature journal. We made root word flash cards and played games with them, discussed the difference between Red Herring, Ad Hominem and Tu Quoque logical fallacies, and made contour and diagrammatic drawings of shells and leaves. The students were interested and enthusiastic, and I realized yet again how fortunate I am to be part of so many people’s lives.