The Letter

People rarely write letters anymore. Most of us barely take the time to jot quick emails, text our friends, and upload photos on Facebook. So when I receive a hand delivered heart-felt letter, I recognize it as the true treasure that it is.

I received a letter this week from a student that I have been tutoring this winter and spring. Although I have been teaching and tutoring varies subjects to a multitude of students for over twenty years, my goal of encouraging and inspiring my students never changes. While it is true that I want them to master the subjects, I also want them to have so much more. Here is what my dear student and now friend wrote:

Dear Mrs. Newby,

Coming into this class, I thought government and economics was boring. I never thought about how it could affect me, and honestly I didn’t really want to know. However, working with you, I have learned so much. I have never been in a class where I am excited to do the homework and learn about the topics.

Because of my learning style, I have struggled in many of my classes. You taught me in a way that I could understand and a way that made me think. I looked forward to every class because I was able to sit down with you and discuss things like congress, elections and inflation as if I were talking to a friend. I felt confident on different topics that I was very unsure of before.

Learning with you wasn’t work. It was interesting, fun and challenging. You were always encouraging and always answered my questions, making sure that I completely understood.

I have found that because of your class, I am not only confident in government and economics, but in taking on new challenges that I would’ve avoided in the past. If I could, I would take your class again in a heartbeat. Out of all the teachers I have ever had, you were, by far, the best.

Thank you for everything!


(Note: Megan is seventeen years old and ready to take on the world!)