San Luis Obispo Classical Academy History Day

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This month’s blog will consist mainly of photos from a dance I did a couple of weeks ago. A local private school has a yearly history day where students and their families come together to learn about a specific time period. This year they were studying the Civil War. They share food, music, games and dance! I was told that the estimated number of people expected was 450. Not all of those folks danced, but we had a large number of people dance for the very first time!

The location was a lovely, flat grassy area at Biddle Park in Arroyo Grande. A ladies’ trio, Atalanta Running, provided the live music. The dancers were enthusiastic, the weather lovely, and a grand time was had by all. Although I enjoy hosting my own Balls, calling dances for private events allows for experiences with new people in unique places!

All photos were taken by Evan Gillham.