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I originally created this page to give people information about the teaching and dance calling that I am doing at local dance events, but now we have our own website at http://www.heritagedanceevents.com/. Please check it out if you are interested in attending or hosting a Victorian Era Ball. And if you have any questions or comments about anything that you read here, you can always contact me at www.heritagedanceevents@gmail.com.

I am now going to use this blog to write my muses about dance, music and history. There are many benefits and reasons to dance, and I plan to explore some of the following topics:

The Dancer as the Star in the Epic of Life
The Prince and the Princess
Communication as a Form of Dance
Dancing as a Respite from Isolation

I'll also share with you some random facts and various quotes.

To get us started, here's random fact #1. Did you know that the Greeks used dancing as the chief means of physical training for their soldiers? And that famous Greek Plato said, "To sing well and to dance well is to be well educated."

As a teacher with a passion for dance, music and history, my hope is that my blogs will be entertaining, educational and will give you a reason to get up and dance!

Dancing on,

Debra Newby

All essays on this blog are copyrighted and may not be copied or printed without permission. Debra Newby/2009

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