Celebrating Milestones

I’ve had the privilege of calling dances for several 18th Birthday parties, and, as I was getting ready for the party last weekend, I began thinking of all the different milestones that people celebrate. I remember our eldest daughter’s first birthday and the relief we felt that both she AND her parents had made it through their first year. A sixteenth birthday often heralds in a new era of mobility with a driver’s license. We celebrate baptisms, graduations and weddings as well. But there is something special about an 18th birthday, especially when a daughter has been home schooled. For those of us who years ago looked at our small child and decided to take on the responsibilities of educating that child ourselves, an eighteenth birthday is chance to celebrate all that we’ve managed to impart and teach, and then hand over the reins of responsibility to this new young adult. The party last weekend was made even more special because the young lady got to share this birthday celebration with her good friend, and as part of the preparation, they spent time together making new dresses and wreaths for the event. There is so much joy when family and friends come together to celebrate milestones.

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