The Hoe Down

On Friday, I taught and called dances for a local children’s choir fundraiser event. In some ways, it was different from the Civil War Balls where I most often teach dancing. First of all, instead of a corset and hoop skirt, I wore my floor-stomping cowboy boots, country skirt, white blouse and a bandana! Although I still taught some of our old favorites like the Virginia Reel, I also had a chance to teach some Country Line Dances like the Electric Slide.

But some things were just the same. We still had dads out there swinging with their small daughters, big smiles all around. And it was definitely a community building event. People who had been in choir for a while but hadn’t really gotten to know anyone had an opportunity to talk with other members of the choir. And of course, there was food! The organizers of the event staged a pie eating contest for the dads, and a whip cream eating contest for the kids.

I used recorded music for some of the dances, but I also had the privilege of again working with the trio “Too Young To Marry” who provided live music for several of the dances. All three of the young ladies are current or former members of the choir, which made their playing all the more special.

My husband was able to video tape a few clips from the event, and you can see them at:

Children’s Choir Family Hoe Down – Line Dance #1

Children’s Choir Family Hoe Down – Line Dance #2

Children's Choir Family Hoe Down - Live Music

Children’s Choir Family Hoe Down – La Bastringue

The Hoe Down was so much fun that I think we should have another one!

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