Too Young To Marry

I enjoy many of the aspects of being a dance teacher and caller, but one of the best parts is all the fun I get to have working with student musicians. When we have live music events, our gentleman’s trio Liberty Hill carries the bulk of the responsibilities to learn the songs and play them. But we have so many musically talented students that attend our events that I delight in giving them an opportunity to share their gifts as well.

At our October Ball, we had our men’s trio play, and in addition, we had nine other student musicians. Three of the young ladies who played have formed a group called Too Young To Marry. They have learned many of the Civil War Era songs, and they are able to play for other private events with me like one we did out in Edna Valley last summer and the Hoe Down that we did this month. But not only are they gifted musicians who play a large range of Celtic, dance and folk music, but they are also phenomenal vocalists who sing many gorgeous accapella songs.

Another one of my passions is photography. I’ve had the opportunity to do photo shoots for several local music groups, so it was fun to take the girls from Too Young To Marry and do a photo shoot with them.

Too Young To Marry is available to play for private events. Email me at for more information.

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